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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The truth is, I've wanted the win for you more than I wanted it for myself!

I was born to a loving Mother who got the gift of compassion and empathy for others from her Mother, my Grannie who passed on the gift of compassion and empathy for others to me. It's a gift and a curse to want others around you to succeed so much that you give up your purpose to make sure others reach theirs. But the cool thing about being in the "gifted club" is that you can see what so many people struggle to see, both sides!

Racking up over 20 years of coaching and consulting businesses and nonprofit organizations locally, regionally, internationally; being Professor Reed to over 7,000 students; speaking on a range of topics across the globe; giving back to my community; celebrating success and milestones. I was doing it all while struggling with the thought of what is my life's purpose? When I stopped doubting myself, I found that I've been living my purpose, to help others! I am dedicated to being Dr. Tara Reed, the Motivator. Communicator. Educator. Granddaughter of Para Lee Washington Reed, Daughter of Gloria Reed Austin and Furry Mom to Regal Bailey Beagle!

I’m excited to walk the path of transformation and growth along with you! Allow my story to inspire, reinvigorate you to move to your next level. It's time to lean into your purpose and take your back your POWER! Turn your setback into a setup for a comeback! The #OnePearlMovement will inspire H.O.P.E. which stands for Helping One Pearl Everyday move from exclusion to inclusion, unfulfilled to satisfied, hidden to visible. P.E.A.R.L. stands for Purposed. Empowered. Ambitious. Resilient. Leader.

Check out my Websites: ONEPEARLMOVEMENT, DRTARAREED, READYFORNLC and subscribe to get the latest updates, blog posts, event appearances, releases and upcoming projects from Dr. Tara Reed. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook: @ONEPEARLMOVEMENT and @DRTARAREED. Share the Hashtag: #ONEPEARLMOVEMENT, #WEWEARPEARLS, #DRTARAREED. Email me:

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