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"Never Give Up on Your Purpose! Empowering Change for Your Success!"

Keep Moving! Keep Living ONE



- Dr. Tara Reed



The truth is, I've wanted the win for you more than I wanted it for myself! 

I was born to a loving Mother who got the gift of compassion and empathy for others from her Mother, my Grannie who passed on the gift of compassion and empathy for others to me. It's a gift and a curse to want others around you to succeed so much that you give up your purpose to make sure others reach theirs. But the cool thing about being in the "gifted club" is that you can see what so many people struggle to see, both sides!

I've racked up over 25 years of coaching and consulting with businesses, being a part of nonprofit organizations locally, regionally and internationally; being Professor Reed to over 7,000 students; speaking on a wide range of topics across the globe; giving back to my community; and the whole time I was battling with my own internal struggle. So what changed? Me! It took quite a few disappointments, rejections, being let down, failures and being lonely to get to the good part of the story of my life. When I stopped looking back, I finally realized I’m not alone, I do matter, I’ve just been collecting chapters to my story in order to be able to help others. Every time I succeed it is because I made up my mind that despite my circumstances, barriers, blockers, naysayers I am going to win! Even if I lose in that moment there’s a lesson I am able to gain so I’m still winning! So I learned to block out the distractions, mediate, pray, create vision boards, journal, work on my skills and focus in on my purpose. It’s easier said than done and honestly it can seem even easier to just say I’m done and give up. But when you give up, you give up on yourself, you give up on who you can help and you give up on fulfilling your purpose in life. 

Many times we are just one more chance, one more prayer, one more opportunity away from the win. This is why I believe in the Power of One! Developing the don’t give up spirit is so important! It impacts others around us, seen and unseen, and it impacts our own lives. My commitment is the same that it was when I founded Next Level Consulting in 1999, with the motto "Never give up on your purpose. Empowering change for your success." Today, I'm excited to expand my reach and to step out on faith as Dr. Tara Reed, the Motivator. Communicator. Educator. 

My goal is to educate, elevate and encourage people on their self-care, self-love and self-empowerment journey through support, awareness and advocacy. #OnePEARLMovement is dedicated to creating opportunities to provide support, advocacy and resources for manifesting healthy narratives towards self-care, self-love and self-empowerment. P.E.A.R.L. which stands for Purposed. Empowered. Authentic. Radiant. Life. I’m excited to walk the path of transformation and growth along with you. Allow my story to inspire, reinvigorate you to move to your next level. I am dedicated to being Dr. Tara Reed, the Motivator. Communicator. Educator. Granddaughter of Para Lee Washington Reed, Daughter of Gloria Reed Austin and Furry Mom to Regal Bailey Beagle! 


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