Are you ready for the season of take back! Join the journey with Dr. Tara Reed

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Power means the ability to act or produce an effect. One stands for a single instance of a specified action. One is more than none. It begins when we understand we possess the mental fortitude to influence our situations through our actions, but we often do not follow through on our actions because we think what we say or do will not make a difference. It's easy to feel like we're not doing enough, when we think what difference can one person make?

Power of One means to lean into your purpose, to take your power back! You may think you are only One, but the Power of One is greater than you can ever imagine. One is not nothing. One is unique and without it there would be no you. One makes a difference. One is a source of power within each of us bringing forth whatever the situation calls for in order to keep going, keep believing, keep doing. We often are at the brink of change and we give up. When all we had to do is tap into the Power of One.


The meaning of power changes depending on where you are in your journey. Power of One may mean day 1 as in first, new beginning or to start. Power of One may mean seeking to find solitude within yourself for reflection and self-care. Power of One may mean motivation to never give up and to give it your all! Power of One may be communicated in verbal or nonverbal expressions to yourself and to others. Power of One can show you how to live a simpler lifestyle through appreciation and gratitude. Each of us has a testimony to share that was created through tapping into our Power of One. Power of One may mean hope for another day or being thankful you were given another day. Power of one means that a single action has the power to change and heal you, me and the world that we live in.


Power of One Action - If you want to make a real change in the lives of others, do it through your everyday influence which draws

people in and excites their potential.


Power of One Thought – Our thoughts have the power to impact what we manifest in our lives.


Power of One More – When you think you are done do one more.


Power of One Word – Words have the power to make, break, heal, hurt, tear down or build up not only others but ourselves.


Power of One Hour – One hour doesn’t sound like much, but dedicating one hour of your day has the power of making the remaining 23 hours impactful.


Power of One Choice – Did you know, you have the power to make a choice? In every moment of life you have a choice. How you use your power of choice is up to you!


Power of One Vision – If you have lost your vision, what would it take to get it back? 


Power of One Prayer – Praying is the most powerful tool we have. This is the time that God is trying to tell you something. Imagine what can happen if you slow down long enough to listen?


Power of One Testimony – We all have a Testimon"y". Good, bad, struggles, success whatever we have gone through creates our Testimon"y". We just have to stop asking "why" and learn to appreciate the “Y” at the end of our Test-I’m-On which is our Testimony!


Power of One P.E.A.R.L. – Power of One P.E.A.R.L. was founded by Dr. Tara Reed to ignite a movement of ordinary people doing extraordinary good deeds around the globe. The vision of One P.E.A.R.L. Movement is to instill a bold belief that each one of us holds the ability to impact many. We provide Purposed. Empowered. Ambitious. Resilient. Leaders. a platform to be encouraged, be impactful, be heard, and be seen. Power of One P.E.A.R.L. is a tool that will help educate, elevate and encourage change agents globally.


When you make the decision to use your Power of One, you are joining a collective of fellow change agents in an honest conversation on what it took to not give up.

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Often used in customer service. Applied to service learning, resetting our body, mind, spirt, faith, belief in our own self, living a satisfied live, leading by example and never giving up on our life’s purpose. Take 1 tool or take all 10!

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